JAN 2012

Produced by The Extra Mile Productions and the Department of Tourism.
Hosted by Ginggay Hontiveros
Director: Gabby Malvar
Cinematographer: Takeyuki Onishi

Coming soon on National Geographic Channel in April 2012!

The series showcases distinct and cultural travel destinations in the Philippines as seen from the eyes of an unobtrusive host seeking to understand her heritage much better.

While the visual appeal of the locations is highlighted by cinematic photography, greater emphasis is placed on the who, what, why and how aspects of the place to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of preservation and conservation. Tourism destinations are not static, evolving or deteriorating in time, and require intervention and attention to be sustained for future generations.

The show seeks to reveal the cultural and historical bases of the sites, elevate the issues hand in hand with the natural beauty, so that the viewer achieves a more comprehensive appreciation of the national treasures in the Philippines.

The show is presented in semi-documentary form, with interviews and sound bytes from different local characters and experts along with vivid images.